About Us

We are a family of 6, we have 4 daughters ages 6-18 plus my wife and I. We all have a deep love for food and culture stemming from my father owning a restaurant and my grandfather being a chef. I always loved cooking different foods from different cultures and spicy food is life in our family. My wife and I were able to start an online clothing business that allowed us to quit our day jobs and work full-time for ourselves.

We loved working from home and allowing our family to be close and being able to do things we never got to before working full time. We wanted to do something that we were passionate about and that was food! We had been making an Asian chili oil for some time that we had been perfecting for many years and would bring it camping and to family events and everyone would rave about it!

Countless people told me if we started making it they would buy it and that’s when it dawned on us that we have something special here. We had decided as a family that we wanted to bring our family recipe to market.  So I began drawing up our logo and trying to come up with a clever name while my wife started working on what it would take to manufacture our product.

It was a daunting task to get our manufacturer’s license from finding an FDA-regulated kitchen to sending our product to numerous labs to get it tested to make sure it was safe for our consumers. From there we started making our product by hand and entering every market, show, and event where we could sell it! A year later we are now in our first stores and planning on expanding through the rest of the nation.

There are many different chili crisp oils out there but our claim to fame so to speak is making ours with the hottest chili in the world… the Carolina reaper! My oldest daughter took on the gigantic task of what is social media and the website, and she is killing it! My wife now does all of the logistics for the company while my daughters and I work on events and the making of the product. We are so proud of how far we have come and there’s only up from here!